on Roda, and resilience

Roda invited us into her tea shop, a wooden frame of sticks and crunchy, curled, leaves shading customers from the sun. We had made our way into rural Somaliland for monitoring activities, and at one stop we chatted with Roda, businesswoman and single mother of six. A tea kettle sat on smoking logs, and we sat on woven mats on the ground….

on getting out of the way

Headed into the field last month to check out a few work activities, including the construction of a borehole in a rural village in Somaliland, complete with pump, piping system, and troughs and faucets for livestock and people. The borehole and its components are doing hard work during these dry months, following nearly a year…

on BBC radio Hargeisa

for a recent work project, our staff recorded radio advertisements targeting BBC Hargeisa listeners. here are some images from our day in the studio, when we discovered some of the silky-smoothest radio voices among us.  

what’s to eat

popcorn and candy at a new year’s party for field agents in Tiele village, about 3 hours outside Bamako. . . . . . . PS: Shout-out to Anne’s mom – thanks for reading! Also, thanks for making Anne, she’s really great. Evidence of her greatness (in the field), below.  

on pride, and being a Fraud Generalist

there is a kind of pride that comes from recognition–for a job well done, or something you’ve created or produced. it’s exciting, validating, even motivating. but sometimes, at least for me, that kind of pride is tainted with self-doubt. i cross my fingers hoping no one notices the cracks in the veneer, or the chips in the…

what’s to eat

exactly 340 kola nuts, to distribute to the chiefs of 34 villages as an opening remark. if you want to get anywhere au village, you’ve got to carry kola.*   *also used as wedding party favors, and munched on for a caffeine boost, among many other purposes.